World from the Perspective of a Hero – Oculus Rift and AoH MOBA Game integration

At first, there was complete darkness. Suddenly, as I was opening my eyes, I found myself in the midst of an unknown city. As if I had just disembarked from the time machine to enter a movie scene, everything looked retro and fictional, while at the same time as real as a casual walk through a city. Having immersed myself into the unique thrill of flying over the roofs and towers, it became pretty obvious that “casual” had nothing to do with the uniqueness of the experience. Like a dream within a dream, I was pulled into a different reality, the one I could only observe, but not control. Nevertheless, I found a great pleasure in that absence of control. Flying freely, flirting with the dreamscape expanse, touching the ground and jumping up, up to to the blue vastness of the sky. Running extremely fast, not being afraid of the walls. Surrounded with heroes and minions that you cannot touch. A completely new level of experience. Beyond words. Dangerously stretching the reality bubble of what you conceived as possible. All this brought to life through the match made in the Gaming Heaven, manifested on Earth by the seamless integration of Oculus Rift into the Awakening of Heroes game. On activating the Observer Mode, you can watch the game play through the eyes of a hero, becoming a live witness of a crazy battle.

At the very moment this great helmet entered our creative studio, it was clear as day that it would be much more than yet another gadget we would use just for fun during breaks at work. We decided to utilize it as a portal to the fictional city in order to experience virtual reality of heroes we were creating. By integrating the Oculus VR into the game, we became able to observe heroes in action or just fly freely around the abandoned city. Having experienced this, some pleasures in life become overstated.

Best of all, using the Oculus Rift‘s observer mode in the Awakening of Heroes game is an unique experience that we are eager to share with our fans and all high-tech aficionados. We already got a chance to present the game through the miracle helmet, at just finished GEEK festival at Margate’s Winter Gardens. It was serious fun watching all those people turning around in a single spot, with a face expression of a kid who had just entered the amusement park for the first time. The great thing about the Oculus is that it follows movements of the user’s head, allowing him or her to choose a viewing perspective. That kind of interaction with the virtual reality one cannot find even in the high-end 3-D cinemas.

When in Observer Mode, the user cannot participate in the game as a player, but still can enjoy different aspects of a game play, both from the third-person and bird eye-view perspectives. We are also planning to add the first-person perspective at some point in the near future. Integration of the Oculus VR into the AoH game goes smoothly, so there are no obstacles to keep us from a steady progress. More information about the game is available on our webpage , as well as our Facebook Fan Page.