Waiting for Awakening of Heroes? Play Awakening of Towers!

Awakening of Towers is a new, warm up game created by COFA Games, whose launch will precede Awakening of Heroes Alpha testing. The new game uses heroes from AoH MOBA Game, this time placing them in the inverted reality. Thus, instead of manipulating with Gram Lucinda, Roger McBacon or some other character from AoH, players will get a chance to experience the battle from the perspective of a tower. The best players of AoT, as well as those who share the game with friends will increase their chances for the early Awakening of Heroes game access. We hope that you will enjoy playing AoT and especially AoH game, once it become available. This is an exclusive chance to see design and some in-game details of AoH even before the beginning of its Alpha testing.

Awakening of Towers is a sort of a ‘warm up’ game that we created for future players of Awakening of Heroes, in order to provide them fun while they are waiting for our MOBA game to be finalized. AoT presents the same design, heroes and minions which you will be able to see in AoH game. However, the main character in AoT is no one else than a tower that turns all around its axis and shoots deadly laser beams, in order to secure itself from destruction.

“While players in Awakening of Heroes control heroes who helped by minions have a mission to destroy towers of your enemies, in Awakening of Towers you get an interesting opportunity to be a tower in the combat against heroes and minions”, said Nikola Mitic, CEO of COFA Games.

Simply by logging on Facebook, you will be able to play Awakening of Towers. Although AoT is integrated with Oculus Rift, this mode cannot be practically used since browsers still does not support OR. However, we will develop a ‘stand alone’ version for all of you who want to experience a virtual reality of the game. Besides, if you happen to find us at some game conference, we will gladly show you the game through this VR helmet.

We also ensured awards for the best players of AoT. Thus, Top 10 scores will be rewarded with alpha keys, while the best 5 of them will additionally receive AoH t-shirts.