Top 10 Outplays on Reboot Infogamer

As you may already know, our great AOH tournament was a part of this year’s Infogamer Reboot festival (see more about it here). This event will be remembered not only for fun and new friendships it resulted in, but also for exciting gameplays that forced players to show their intelligence, speed and ability to cooperate with their teammates.

You are now able to experience a bit of this excitement yourself by watching our new video. It was more than challenging for us to choose top 10 outplays since there were plenty of amazing ones. Feel free to share your thoughts on the moves we have chosen.

Even though it was the first time for most of the players to use, our brand new character, Jack Mess, that didn’t stop them from making great outplays. Besides Jack’s usual abilities, they also discovered his special power – ducks. Namely, this incredible character can destroy his enemies by throwing his powerful duck-bombs at them.

The participants found some quite intelligent and innovative ways to use teleportation and invisibility powers. The players kept on moving their heroes from one place to another. They were extremely fast and very efficient in confusing and ultimately beating the enemy.

As you will see in this video, in numerous cases perfect timing, focus and teamwork played a key role in winning battles. By combining deadly weapons and exciting powers, the gamers achieved amazing results.

Enjoy the video and awake the hero within!