Open Beta and Going Live

Awakening of Heroes, a free-to-play objective-based 5v5 MOBA for mobile devices, is live in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the App Store and Google Play. At the moment, players from other countries can try it only in early access in Google Play.

Become a beta testing hero and help shape the game by sending us feedback. Many changes have been implemented thanks to our growing community (over 500 000 downloads), like hero movement, map design, matchmaking process, and bug fixes. All beta testers will get a free hero upon the game’s final release.

You can play 15 heroes including a bingo-loving granny, a juvenile prankster, and a vindictive stage magician. Also, a few heroes are in training and will be arena-ready soon. Beside unique cartoonish style heroes, Awakening of Heroes builds onto classic multiplayer online battle arena gameplay incorporating different features from other genres: RPG elements like collecting cards and gear upgrades, battle royale elements like hang-gliding into the arena and mystery boxes around the map, capture the flag, and even a touchdown with a bomb.

At this point, there are servers in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia working, and a South America server is coming soon.

Download Awakening of Heroes from the App Store or Google Play and join us on the journey to the Awakening!

Download for iOS (US, UK, Germany, France, and Croatia):

Download for Android: