Meet the Hipster – How our Fans See the Next AoH Hero

Last week we decided to ask our Facebook fans to wake up their creative genius, in order to come up with some cool ideas regarding our next hero to be created (the angry hipster is presented in the image bellow). We had two main motifs: Firstly, to get to know our gamers better, to see how they think, what kind of characters they like and finally, to present them the next hero that has just popped out from our creative studio. Besides, it is always highly useful to receive feedback from people who will actually play Awakening of Heroes. After all, this kind of constructive interaction can bring only benefits for both gamers and game developers.

Hipster illustracija
Thus, here we are with more than 30 inspiring and funny ideas about Hipster’s skills and his super-powers. It was very hard to mark the best among them, since some of them were short but pretty cool and funny (for example: playing indie music which hurts the enemy, telling a boring hipster story to target enemy and stun them for 2 seconds or use a retro camera as a weapon), while others were too general but included more details. Several parts of Hipster’s striking outfit were specially inspiring – his hat and mustaches which, according to most suggestions should be used as a frisbee or boomerang; his stick that could be useful in wide variety of situations (eventually we decided to equip him with an umbrella instead) and glasses that potentially could increase his vision or emit deadly laser beams. Finally, we decided to reward all the participants in this competition with the Alpha Key.

Along with the Alpha keys, four competitors with the best ideas won Awakening of Heroes t-shirts. Even if we do not implement some of these suggestions, they will be good directions in our future creative activities. Please find the winning ideas below.

Stefan Yodi Koprivica
First spell: Since he is already using crook, You could create some hook like thing, like in cartoons (something similar to Butcher from Dota)
Second spell: You could create some sort of spinning umbrella (in all colors, even Hello Kitty one), which he would use to manipulate (Mind control) other enemies: creeps (some good time, till they get killed, and heroes for few seconds)
OR, it could (Spinning umbrella) cast some sort of thing on the enemy: Bacon or an egg! If he casts egg, it could cause enemy to walk slowly for some period of time, or something else.

Milos Mitrovic
Q-Hi there. Pull your self to the friendly or enemy unit. If it is an enemy, you deal damage.
W-Round and Round. Make a spin with your stick dealing damage to all enemies in that radius.
E-Boring story. Tell a boring hipster story to target enemy and stun them for 2 seconds.
Q-Abilites of choice
Basic attack – Hit an enemy with your stick.

Marko Ivanek
1. Hat can be used as boomerang and cause certain damage to opponent
2. Teleportation with stick. Stick can get some sort of parachute or umbrella that can be used to he can fly to the enemy’s back or the other side
3. Some of the strongest super power could be to thrust a stick into the ground, and therefore make a circle around him, and all opponents who are in this circle are damaged or stuned/ frozen on 2-3 seconds, and he heals with certain hp.
4.Raising stick up with pronouncing spells (or not) it would lead to falling of some meteor / ice or anything that would inflict damage to opponent
5. Strong kick with stick that pushed away opponent from him or throw him on the floor, so after that he can hit him again and make some combo attacks.

Miloš Radovanović
Ultimate : Makes an huge smoke ground, where you ”CHALLENGE” one of the enemies.. so it’s 1v1, only one gets out alive . Dota2, LoL, Smite, HON.. Noone has ultimate like this so it will be unique.