Heroes at IGF: Twitch Plays on the Main-stage!

With so much stuff going on these days, you’ve probably been asking yourself, when do the Heroes sleep? Well, the answer is plain and simple: NEVER – as is the case with the members of our COFA Games team! We kept ourselves busy by having fun around the clock trying to keep everybody wide awake!


This time we’ve been a mad fly in the gaming ointment at the first large-scale gaming event in Serbia, hosted by the beautiful city of Novi Sad. The International Gaming Festival (find out more @ http://www.internationalgamingfestival.com) took place last weekend and we presented our game on tablets, allowing players to fight in 5 vs 5 combat. It proved an excellent opportunity to get valuable game-related feedback as well as the suggestions for further improvement.

Wherever the heroes are fighting, it’s a history in the making – and the historical events nowadays get streamed on the main stage (credits to the heroic streamer Supreme Nexus). During the event, the game-play was also streamed on Twitch. Following our wish to awaken a hero in everybody, for the first time we’ve tried the Twitch Plays integration allowing spectators to vote through Twitch chat for the events about to take place in the game!!! So the audience got to choose among the rain of power-ups, comets or the freezing of the whole city!
Our awesomeness meter skyrocketed, and our awesomeness feeds exclusively on sheer amazement and fun, which reflected in the great voting response by gamers and thrilled audience!

You can check out the recorded piece of history at:



Since you cannot really understand a hero until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes, we provided exactly that for all the visitors: the possibility to experience the heat of the combat first hand, through the eyes of the heroes by the magic of the Oculus Rift and VR implementation!
In AOH world, we are not playing a game, we’re living it!