Gamescom 2015 Here We Come!

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Thanks to our fans who gave us a great support once again, Awakening of Heroes won in Gamescom Contest, organized by¬†Playfield.¬†As the most voted game in both categories (the most followers and the most upvotes), AoH has got the amazing opportunity to be presented at the biggest European gaming event. The second best game in the ‘votes category’, Black Hole, also got a chance to appear on Gamescom.


After 7 days of voting, AoH won with quite of margin, proving once again the high commitment of its fans. (Just to remind you, we have also been greenlit on Steam in a record time.) We are very lucky to have such devoted fans. Now, we have a great chance to increase the fan base, by introducing our heroes at the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, which gathers more than 330,000 gamers every year.