Awakening of Heroes presented at CS GO World Championship and Balkan Tube Fest

This October was crucial for The Awakening – over a thousand passionate gamers and casual players had a chance to experience the improved version of our game. What made everything extremely exciting were 5 vs. 5 battles on tablet devices, as well as the special prizes for the fastest of the participants.

CS GO World Championship, October 08 – 11th

Target market: Passionate gamers, mostly FPS players, age: 18 – 30

Belgrade was hosting the CS GO World Championship with $ 100 000 in price pool and 79 representations from all over the world. During their breaks from competing, the players were taking their time to relax and join the rest of visitors in taking photos inside the Portal, listening to The Awakening tale and, most importantly, playing AOH and giving their feedback using our special questionnaires. The comments were exceptionally good, leaving us not only satisfied with the work we’ve done so far, but also inspired to continue with improving the game and ultimately perfect it.

Balkan Tube Fest, October 24th
Target market: Beginners and young gamers, age: 8-15

The most popular regional vloggers and gamers gathered at the first Serbian YouTube festival, Balkan Tube Fest. Yasserstain, Supreme Nexus, Srpski Tutoriali, Kovalska and many other famous YouTubers shared a bit of their gaming experience, promoted their channels and spent time with some great fans of theirs that were there to greet them. The event was well attended and therefore we were given a great opportunity to represent our game to the youngsters and, perhaps, some future professional gamers.

Both of the events were a great success – they helped us not only to spread the word about the game, but also to get some important first-hand information on how the players feel about it. We are very much looking forward to taking part in similar festivals and exchanging our impressions, ideas and experience once again.