COFA Games and Unity Meetup

Unity Technologies officials paid a visit to COFA Games Studio in order to find out more about Awakening of Heroes, our multi-player game made with Unity 3D engine. According to reactions during the 5 vs. 5 game that Unity guys played with COFA developers, they are pretty impressed with a job that our small team has done so far. Ahead of this, we participated at the Third Unity Meetup where one of our youngest developers discovered the little secrets of the game development with Unity 3D engine.

Our guest from Unity, Alex McCredie, described Awakening of Heroes as an excellent cross platform MOBA. “I like the fact that you can play it from your tablet, the comfort of your PC/Mac or even the accessible web browser. Besides, it is suitable for both the family and the hardcore player with its everyday villagers taking to the arena as awakened heroes”,  said Mr. McCredie.

At the Unity Meetup event hosted by ICT Hub in Belgrade, ourdeveloper Nikola Carija talked about the gamedev process, explaining how we use the Unity 3D engine to create a multi-player game. Andy Touch and Nick Jovic who represented Unity at the event, talked about the engine and all the advantages we will get from Unity 5.