CESA Award worthy of True Heroes: COFA Games takes Central Europe!

Sometimes no news is good news, except for the great news.

Folks, it is official:

AOH just won Best Indie Game Developer prize at CESAwards2016 Grand Finale!  We couldn’t help but notice a heroic greatness has found a way of growing on us! It all started with just a few sparks and now it’s a wildfire frantically spreading to all seventeen corners of the world!

This is not a fire you ignore, and these are not the heroes you can beat, except in the gameplay. So, you’d better join them.  Even buy them a drink. Stick with the winners. Once they take over the management over the Universe, they’ll remember you. They’re that kind of heroes, ultimate fighting machines on the outside and friendly marshmallow hearts on the inside.

For COFA friends and fans, it’s time to celebrate!  Our heroic deeds, superhuman powers, brains and good looks are officially recognized! Birds know that to our grandmothers we’d always be heroes, no matter how epic life failures we turn out to be. Today, this is not the case.

What CESA festival is NOT:
It is most certainly NOT wearing our grandma’s rose-tinted glasses.

What CESA festival IS:
Central European Startup Awards is the biggest no-pitch, no-conference startup festival in CE region, hosting a series of events in the CEE countries, to recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and startup ecosystems of this colorful and diverse region.

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