Casual Connect officially branded by AOH

Some matches are truly made in heaven: This year’s Casual Connect Singapore liked our heroes so much that they officially proposed COFA team an offer that was impossible to refuse:

An exclusive opportunity to have the whole event officially branded with the AOH visual identity!

For those new to the Casual Connect concept:

And for those who are too lazy for deeper exploration, here is a nutshell overview:

Casual Connect is one of the world’s largest game conferences and the premier event for the casual games industry bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and hard-core enthusiasts. The conferences are taking place in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia four times every year, consisting of Exhibition, Lectures, Indie prize and Developer showcase.

Last Casual Connect was held in Singapore on 17-19 May, and we had such a great time being among 1000+ industry professionals who came to share insights, inspirations and achievements in an exploding mixture of work and play! As for themes, no stone was left unturned: game design, social gaming, funding, next-generation technology and best practices.  As always, the organization was impeccable: Well done guys!!!

At this year’s event in Asia, our heroes were everywhere: on the Casual Connect brochure, visitors’ badges, display booths and even falling down from the ceiling!  Although we’re accustomed to the celebrity status, this was an entirely different league of VIP! After initial identity crises, for it became unclear where our professional selves end and our heroic ones awake, we decided to pay it forward!


The only fun worth having is the one shared with the friends. And wherever good friends meet, there is no excuse not to have a competition or two: So we helped all the participants get both their professional and heroic selves dirty by organizing a Casual Volleyball Tournament! Fun is our business, and the Singapore event became a big heroic sandy playground for a day!

A cherry on the cake was that we were also invited to present our game to the Casual Connect audience through their official Twitch Channel! And everybody knows nothing really happened until it is streamed on Twitch!

COFA team takes fun seriously.

Heroes leave nothing to chance!