Big (Demo) Day for Awakening of Heroes

After five intensive and super interesting weeks in Startup Sauna Accelerator Program, we got an extraordinary chance to present Awakening of Heroes to more than 700 guests of the eighth Demo Day. Organized by the Startup Sauna team in the capital of Finland, this huge event gathered 17 most promising startups, experts from different industries, media representatives and investors.

It was a great honor just to be a part of such a huge event, not to mention the very special moment when we stood in front of so many important people to present our project that has just entered the crucial stage of development. This year, guys from Startup Sauna, in collaboration with the Nordic TechTour, brought more than 70+ VCs from all over Europe to the event. We also listened great presentations prepared by our colleagues from the program.

Together with 17 companies from Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia, COFA Games has been participating in the prestigious Accelerator program which is strictly focus on business development. The best teams will get additional benefits.

Once accepted to Startup Sauna, a company also gets access to Slush, the leading startup event in Europe, with more than 6.000 attendees, 1.200 startups, 100 VC funds and 300 media representatives in 2013. Besides, after the accelerator program, teams with the best results are brought to Silicon Valley in order to meet American investors, media, customers and potential partners. Finally, the best of them are offered up to 40.000 Euros of funding. As a non-profit organization, Startup Sauna organizes its free-of-charge accelerator programs twice a year, starting in early May and in mid-October.