Belgrade’s Games.con: Heroes on the Horizon

If you asked one of our heroes, namely Mr. Johnnie Cutpurse, what’s a “GAMES.CON”, he’d probably say it’s most likely some con artists’ gathering having something to do with the steal’n’run games. And he would be almost absolutely wrong, since to a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Chances were, if you dared check for yourself, you wouldn’t have ended up robbed, except of indifference. Of course, we remained loyal to the established AOH tradition: Be Everywhere, at as many places as possible and at the same time! Since if you are not everywhere, you’re most probably nowhere.

Establishing the fact of being everywhere, this particular time we insisted on being especially at two spots: Cofa Games Fair Booth at Games.con and over the gaming seas, on the Horizon, represented by our Captain, Hero of Heroes, CEO Nikola Mitić.


Those lucky enough to be near the Horizon on November 25th, could hear one of the best kept secrets in the industry: How to turn your granny into a high-end celebrity, with a phony excuse of pitching a game!

During the several days (25-27th November) nothing went as planned, which was a good thing. We didn’t even bother trying to find order in the gaming chaos, we had other fish to fry: Having Serious VIP Fun (Yet AGAIN) and sharing it with our friends, visitors and fans! Heroes dominated the stage with tablets as their weapons of choice in fast-paced casual tournaments.


Let us tell you one thing about the atmosphere: both Hell and Heaven were empty, since all the angels and devils were developing serious addiction to gaming! Besides Heroes, Gods and Celestial beings, the Hall 2 was a home-away-from-home for our dear colleagues (and celebrities in their own right) from national gaming and cartoon studios.

Since the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, we’re especially happy for the excellent feedback and praises from our players in relation to the novelties in the gameplay. Heroes don’t just try to live up to the expectations, they always go one step further!

Many more things were going on, but we won’t tell you, since you’d accuse us of having delusions of grandeur! Next come you’d better show up and upgrade your pathetic selves into heroes, or we’ll be coming to get you! (We know where you live).

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