Awakening of Heroes on Tablets Presented at Nexus Festival

COFA Games participated in the fist ever gaming festival organized in Bosnia and Hercegovina. We used the well-attended event to exclusively promote Awakening of Heroes on tablet devices. The response that we received was more than promising, which is very encouraging for our team when it comes to the ambitious decision to develop the cross-platform game. As you know, our game is also available on Steam and Facebook.

In the video below, you can watch the finalist of League of Legend tournament playing Awakening of Heroes. Thanks to CG Acclamator for this stream.

We provided iPads for all visitors of Nexus Festival who were interested in playing Awakening of Heroes on tablets. It was very instructive seeing their reactions and following the way they played MOBA game on the unusual platform for this genre. That helped us to come out with some new ideas regarding improvements of game features and user interface.

The Nexus Festival was organized by Association of citizens, Magic Factory, under the patronage of the Federal ministry of development and entrepreneurship. It included a competitive program in which gamers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, region and wider took part, but also an exhibition part consisting of IT, web design, software and other relevant companies.