Awakening of Heroes – MOBA Game for Mid-Core Gamers

Take a sweet old lady obsessed with extreme sports, such as tombola and knitting, a mellow heart butcher with an alter-ego of math genius, a sexy chimney sweeper whose archenemies are no one else than fatty Santas, and a hipster in an atypical bad mood… place them all on the abandoned streets of an imaginary city, built in an authentic ‘Teslapunk’ style and endow them with a range of crazy super-powers to prove their supremacy through an unsparing combat.

Do all that, and you will get a game with an ability to engage, entertain and put a smile on people’s faces. MOBA game – yes. Typical MOBA game – certainly not. Awakening of Heroes is an indie game for a mid-core gamers, a perfect balance between casual Facebook games and pretty demanding Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre.

Built by few gaming enthusiasts gathered in COFA Games team, Awakening of Heroes is a multi-player video game that allows two teams to compete against each other in real time. By simply logging on Facebook, a player will get a chance to choose a favorite hero and join a team in an unpredictable battle. The game is currently in a prototype phase which is expected to be finalized until the end of February 2014. Due to a huge interest in the game, not all those  applying  for the Alpha key on our homepage will be able to participate in Alpha testing  that will be organized during March.

As creators of AoH said, one of the main motivations behind their project was an increasing need for more complex and more engaging Facebook games. “According to the recent trends, casual Facebook games show serious weaknesses in maintaining a long-term players’ interest. Thus, a lot of gamers are looking for something more, for a content that takes the game-playing thrill to the next level”, said Mr. Nikola Mitic, CEO of COFA Games team.

“At the same time, we have extremely popular MOBA games which, however, require total commitment, advanced gaming experience and a lot of free time. In order to treat a mid-core gamers with a pleasure of playing MOBA games, while providing more relaxed atmosphere and shorter sessions, we developed Awakening of Heroes, a game that will be a special delight for those with a keen sense of humor”, explains Nikola.

Thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies, AoH will be deeply integrated with Facebook and it will be playable on tablet devices. Anytime, at any place with Internet connection, you will be able to play it free of charge and free of pretty unfair ‘pay to win’ concept.