Awakening of Heroes at Reboot IG (Video)

We have just created a short video which discloses a part of the atmosphere from COFA Games playroom at the Reboot Infogamer festival in Zagreb. More than 1.500 gamers tested Awakening of Heroes and according to their reactions, we are heading in the right direction. You can check out what our fans think about the game and its heroes.

Not just that we received an excellent feedback at the biggest gaming event in Southeast Europe, but also we had an extraordinary growth of our fan base, followed by thousands of new Alpha Key subscriptions on our website.  More than 300 players participated in the big AoH online tournament which was held during the festival. That was a good proof that, at the same time, Awakening of Heroes can be both a relaxing and cheerful, family friendly game and a competitive team game. In the big finale, which we organized at the very end of the Reboot Infogamer festival, a team from Zagreb, called In the Face, took the first prize of 500 Euros.

The five-day show took place at the Zagreb Fair convention grounds and it was focused on the newest and upcoming video games releases and hardware. The list of exhibitors included more than 60 international publishers, developers and indies from all over the world.