Awakening of Heroes at Casual Connect in Amsterdam

award image

Yet another important gaming event is behind us. COFA Games has just participated at a wonderfully organized Casual Connect in Amsterdam, along with the world’s most promising independent developers. We presented stand alone and tablet versions of Awakening of Heroes, which should become available in the next couple of months.


Once again, Casual Connect brought together the most talented and knowledgeable gaming experts to further the casual games industry with the best of networking and learning. Although Awakening of Heroes is primarily designed for mid-core gamers, our game also attracts casual gamers thanks to its simplicity and friendly atmosphere.

Since we are soon going to appear on Steam Greenlight, Casual Connect was the perfect opportunity for us to present what we created so far, but also to announce some of the upcoming features. Speaking of which, ‘stand alone’ and tablet versions of Awakening of Heroes which are soon to be available, will take our game to the next level, after the initiation on Facebook. AoH is currently in the Alpha Phase and only Alpha testers will have an early access to the game on Steam, once we get greenlit.