A Gameplay video that Reveals a new AoH Design

A few months ago, we decided to change a pre-game and an in-game design of Awakening of Heroes. Thus, our town got a fresh new look with a number of cool little details which raise gaming experience on the higher level. So far, we implemented basic elements and wild variety of aesthetic details is yet to come. The gameplay video below presents a part of the redesigned town (arena). Please check it out.

Not just that the new architecture makes the game much more appealing, but also its spirit is significantly changed with new bases, inhibitors and towers (we are currently working on the implementation of new minions).  A new design nicely follows a story about the Awakening of Heroes, a story about a mysterious town in which some ordinary people become heroes.  Their mission is to awaken their hidden powers by taking part in the trilling combat. Only winners will open a portal to the new world (a new base that we implemented) and become fully awakened. On their way to the enemy’s base (a portal), they will need to open the Book of the Awakening (a new inhibitor).

Of course, all these elements are under development and our creative team works hard to improve their functionality and design. Please, leave us your opinion about this video. If you like it, please share it with your friends to help us grow our community.  You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel to receive all game-related videos right on time.