Tony Barracuda

Take old Tony’s hard-earned piece of advice: There is a bait for every fish! On land and at sea! Only If you really, and I mean REALLY set your heart on it, you will reel the Big Fish of Destiny. Never mind the wind and rain and stormy seas. See through the harsh elements into the big blue! There is a silver lining to every mist. In the hidden pocket of the mist of my life, there is a Mermaid kingdom awaiting.

Health Regeneration:

Tony’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Sailor’s JabQuick and powerful bare-knuckled punch.

Super shot 1: Cast the LineHooks the opponent who is then reeled in and stunned for a short period of time.

Super shot 2: Tentacle StrikeOctopus slams the ground violently and buries tentacles. Moments later, tentacles emerge from the ground slowing and damaging enemies.