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Awakening of Heroes is a hilarious multi-player game that allows you to compete with or against your friends, by combining elements of action, strategy, arcade, town development and socializing through pre-game activities.

In this game, ordinary people become heroes! Build a city to increase your hero’s abilities and join the clan to raise your chances to survive. When you sense the awakening hero within, enter the arena and release your crazy power in the furious combat 5 vs 5. Built by an indie game development studio COFA Games , this unusual multi-platform game is currently in Alpha phase.

Our Heroes

Meet a sweet old lady obsessed with extreme sports, a mellow heart butcher with an alter-ego of math genius, a sexy chimney sweeper with a vendetta against Santa, a hy(p)sterical umbrella fighter, a grandpa daredevil in a wheelchair… Used to be bunch of ordinary folks, before destiny changed their lives forever.


They are chosen to enter a combat with a mission to open the door of the new world. But first, they need to awaken their hidden powers. They need to become heroes. Only the winner will discover the truth.


There is time when you are free to do whatever you want!

There is a place where you can awaken the hero within!

The place is here. The time is now.

Join us in combat for eternal freedom!

Open the Gate to the new World!

These are the words which helped Mayor Graham win that epic election, some 30 years ago. Today, he is still the most influential figure in the town. And ever since this crazy little man became the mayor, a drowsy town in the middle of nowhere has been everything but ordinary. There is something obscure about this remote spot, but its residents do not wish to talk about it. Instead, they are keeping the true locked up from prying eyes. And for those few adventurers who actually had the guts to go out and investigate, we have never heard from again. The only thing we have ever heard were rumors about ‘the Land of Awaken Heroes’, it’s odd rituals, ‘No Rules’ policy and an ‘absurd battles’ in which common people release their hidden powers, while striving for the awakening.

Those who do not believe in these stories need to be aware of the fact that there is always potential for extraordinary, but only exquisite individuals are capable of turning that potential into reality. At the end, as Graham believes, only the bravest will reach the highest level; Only the most determined will unlock the door and embrace the truth waiting on the other side to be discovered.

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