Roger McBacon

Oh, you need 580 grams of pork? I call that number "the definite integral from -1 to 4 of (8x^3 + 3x^2 + 1) dx", and if you use Roman numerals, it would be DLXXX. That is like 1/314159265 of the knowledge I used to have. One evening I was at the awesome party and the next day everything was gone! All my memories from the PhD studies were completely erased! All I have now is a butcher shop and a diploma hanging on the wall. Luckily, the many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics says that in some alternative history and future my lost knowledge still exists. I just need to find a way to leap there!

Health Regeneration:

Roger’s Abilities:

Basic shot: ChopPowerful melee attack damaging single enemy.

Super shot 1: 6Pi CleaveHero spins and damages enemies around him.

Super shot 2: Bouncy ButcherButcher jumps high above the ground damaging enemies when he lands.