Mimi the Mime Artist

You talkin' to me? Seriously? Talking is for wimps! Like this feathery delusional shoulder growth soul friend of mine. The real power is invisible like a wind. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s me in a nutshell: A moving picture, a silent movie, multiplied by the thousands and some extras! And I have a thing for the brick walls: My take on the golden cage for those who talk too much! You were sayin’?

Health Regeneration:

Mimi’s Abilities:

Basic shot: NailingHits an enemy with a hammer.

Super shot 1: Ground NailingHits the ground with a hammer, causing damage to all the enemies within range.

Super shot 2: Wall MousetrapThrows the wall trap to put an enemy on the receiving end of her hammer, with no possibility of escape.