Maximilian the Hipster

You assume you can tell deck from wack, hip from the unhip, your bottom from your face? You know nothing, nothing at all! Being on the wrong side of the mainstream you live and you die in the shadows of the Uncool. And that’s not life! So I’ll speed up the process of your dying, and all of the main-streamers, for that matter! I’ll spin my umbrella and you’ll sizzle like sausages! Until the world has been freed of vermin, I am off to the Hispterland!

Health Regeneration:

Maximilian’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Umbrella StrikeUmbrella hit to the head.

Super shot 1: High KickPowerful kick that stuns an enemy.

Super shot 2: Thunderella ChainMax opens his umbrella and attracts lightning which hits targeted enemy and then jumps to additional nearby opponents.