Johnnie Cutpurse

Let me tell you one thing: You don’t really have something until you’ve stolen it! I like stealing the best from both worlds, that's why I'm the jack of all trades: A respectable professor at the Stealing Academy by day and a classy thief by night. I'm obsessed with stealing Cinderella’s glass slipper, capable of freezing time. Sounds like a Thief’s paradise 24/7! Once mine, I promise to steal your most praised possessions, only because I can!

Health Regeneration:

Johnnie’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Flash HitHits an enemy with a sack or a flashlight.

Super shot 1: Speed Tracking HitSpeeds up, running through enemies. On stopping, hits the closest enemy with a sack.

Super shot 2: Sack-catch throwCatches an enemy in a sack, and throws him away.