Joffrey the Prankster

OMG! Please don’t tell my parents that you saw me here in the swamp… I’ve kind of ran away from home, but I got everything planned! Promise to keep my secret, and I’ll take you along on an undercover mission. Prove worthy of our dream team, and I’ll even take you to a Dreamland on my very own flying machine! I’m not pulling a prank on you, I’ve learned some super cool secrets from Da Vinci journals that make everything possible! If you can dream it, you can make it!

Health Regeneration:

Joffrey’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Papa's SlingshotShoots opponent with a rotten apple.

Super shot 1: Airplane LauncherLaunches paper airplane across the map. Airplane damages all enemies in its path.

Super shot 2: Poisonous Jelly JarsJoffrey can drop poisonous jelly jars on the ground. Enemies can't spot them and passing over jars poisons opponents.