Jack Mess

Those were the days! My being born and growing up in Circus is one thing, but being a live cannonball is entirely something else! I’d take off like a rocket, fly like a bird, only to come down with a grace of a refrigerator. Nothing is more thrilling than the epicenter of attention and the applause during an explosive flight! Since my lifestyle has always been about the napalm speeds and crazy inventions, I decided to take the best of both worlds, upgrading my already prefect self with the special wheelchair, my very own Hell on Wheels.

Health Regeneration:

Jack’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Gatling GunDevastating long range attack focused on single enemy.

Super shot 1: Furious WheelsWhen nitro is activated, Jack’s wheelchair rushes forward in straight line, leaving fire trail and knocking enemies around.

Super shot 2: Quack ExplosionJack throws inflatable duck that explodes after short delay dealing massive AOE damage.