Gram Lucinda

Hard core politician? Me? The End justifies the means? Well, maybe I gave a couple of suspicious cookies to my competitors here and there, but those freaks wouldn’t make it to the second election round anyway… I just expedited the process! I’ve drop out from politics a long time ago… being president of the local Tombola club doesn’t count, right? By the way, you look so pale! Dear child, have you eaten anything in the last 20 minutes? Take a piece of my delicious cake! It’s bombastic!

Health Regeneration:

Gram’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Meatball CatapultShoots hot meatballs at an enemy.

Super shot 1: CakexplosionDynamite laced cake sticks to the enemy it hits, exploding after short delay and doing massive amount of damage.

Super shot 2: Granny's BiteLucinda throws bunch of spare dentures to the ground damaging any enemy caught in the area.