Chimneya La Berge

You think I’m strange? Think again! Sometimes the toughest conditions bring forth the best in person. Like a pearl from the though oyster I came out of the childhood in the orphanage, ready to fight against anything unjust, anything bringing harm, especially to children! I tread lightly over the roofs like a cat, my ever-watchful eye looking for place where my fast whip can bring some justice! Oh, I almost forgot… If you see Mr. Santa Claus somewhere, contact me immediately! I have some unfinished business with that bearded punk!

Health Regeneration:

Chimneya’s Abilities:

Basic shot: Clean the SootChimneya uses her chimney brush to attack an opponent.

Super shot 1: Brush WhippingQuick attack that whips all enemies in front of the hero.

Super shot 2: Vortex of SmokeChimneya creates a vortex of smoke that spirals around and follows her. Vortex damages all enemies caught in it.