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CESA Award worthy of True Heroes: COFA Games takes Central Europe!

Sometimes no news is good news, except for the great news.

Folks, it is official:

AOH just won Best Indie Game Developer prize at CESAwards2016 Grand Finale!  We couldn’t help but notice a heroic greatness has found a way of growing on us! It all started with just a few sparks and now it’s a wildfire frantically spreading to all seventeen corners of the world!

This is not a fire you ignore, and these are not the heroes you can beat, except in the gameplay. So, you’d better join them.  Even buy them a drink. Stick with the winners. Once they take over the management over the Universe, they’ll remember you. They’re that kind of heroes, ultimate fighting machines on the outside and friendly marshmallow hearts on the inside.

For COFA friends and fans, it’s time to celebrate!  Our heroic deeds, superhuman powers, brains and good looks are officially recognized! Birds know that to our grandmothers we’d always be heroes, no matter how epic life failures we turn out to be. Today, this is not the case.

What CESA festival is NOT:
It is most certainly NOT wearing our grandma’s rose-tinted glasses.

What CESA festival IS:
Central European Startup Awards is the biggest no-pitch, no-conference startup festival in CE region, hosting a series of events in the CEE countries, to recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and startup ecosystems of this colorful and diverse region.

For our loyal inquisitive fans, more can be dug up at:

Those of you still keen on digging even deeper:


Belgrade’s Games.con: Heroes on the Horizon

If you asked one of our heroes, namely Mr. Johnnie Cutpurse, what’s a “GAMES.CON”, he’d probably say it’s most likely some con artists’ gathering having something to do with the steal’n’run games. And he would be almost absolutely wrong, since to a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Chances were, if you dared check for yourself, you wouldn’t have ended up robbed, except of indifference. Of course, we remained loyal to the established AOH tradition: Be Everywhere, at as many places as possible and at the same time! Since if you are not everywhere, you’re most probably nowhere.

Establishing the fact of being everywhere, this particular time we insisted on being especially at two spots: Cofa Games Fair Booth at Games.con and over the gaming seas, on the Horizon, represented by our Captain, Hero of Heroes, CEO Nikola Mitić.


Those lucky enough to be near the Horizon on November 25th, could hear one of the best kept secrets in the industry: How to turn your granny into a high-end celebrity, with a phony excuse of pitching a game!

During the several days (25-27th November) nothing went as planned, which was a good thing. We didn’t even bother trying to find order in the gaming chaos, we had other fish to fry: Having Serious VIP Fun (Yet AGAIN) and sharing it with our friends, visitors and fans! Heroes dominated the stage with tablets as their weapons of choice in fast-paced casual tournaments.


Let us tell you one thing about the atmosphere: both Hell and Heaven were empty, since all the angels and devils were developing serious addiction to gaming! Besides Heroes, Gods and Celestial beings, the Hall 2 was a home-away-from-home for our dear colleagues (and celebrities in their own right) from national gaming and cartoon studios.

Since the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, we’re especially happy for the excellent feedback and praises from our players in relation to the novelties in the gameplay. Heroes don’t just try to live up to the expectations, they always go one step further!

Many more things were going on, but we won’t tell you, since you’d accuse us of having delusions of grandeur! Next come you’d better show up and upgrade your pathetic selves into heroes, or we’ll be coming to get you! (We know where you live).

Those of you having nothing better to do but insist on details, you can find more at:

And for those few, wanting to know even more:


Heroes at IGF: Twitch Plays on the Main-stage!

With so much stuff going on these days, you’ve probably been asking yourself, when do the Heroes sleep? Well, the answer is plain and simple: NEVER – as is the case with the members of our COFA Games team! We kept ourselves busy by having fun around the clock trying to keep everybody wide awake!


This time we’ve been a mad fly in the gaming ointment at the first large-scale gaming event in Serbia, hosted by the beautiful city of Novi Sad. The International Gaming Festival (find out more @ took place last weekend and we presented our game on tablets, allowing players to fight in 5 vs 5 combat. It proved an excellent opportunity to get valuable game-related feedback as well as the suggestions for further improvement.

Wherever the heroes are fighting, it’s a history in the making – and the historical events nowadays get streamed on the main stage (credits to the heroic streamer Supreme Nexus). During the event, the game-play was also streamed on Twitch. Following our wish to awaken a hero in everybody, for the first time we’ve tried the Twitch Plays integration allowing spectators to vote through Twitch chat for the events about to take place in the game!!! So the audience got to choose among the rain of power-ups, comets or the freezing of the whole city!
Our awesomeness meter skyrocketed, and our awesomeness feeds exclusively on sheer amazement and fun, which reflected in the great voting response by gamers and thrilled audience!

You can check out the recorded piece of history at:


Since you cannot really understand a hero until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes, we provided exactly that for all the visitors: the possibility to experience the heat of the combat first hand, through the eyes of the heroes by the magic of the Oculus Rift and VR implementation!
In AOH world, we are not playing a game, we’re living it!


Casual Connect officially branded by AOH

Some matches are truly made in heaven: This year’s Casual Connect Singapore liked our heroes so much that they officially proposed COFA team an offer that was impossible to refuse:

An exclusive opportunity to have the whole event officially branded with the AOH visual identity!

For those new to the Casual Connect concept:

And for those who are too lazy for deeper exploration, here is a nutshell overview:

Casual Connect is one of the world’s largest game conferences and the premier event for the casual games industry bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and hard-core enthusiasts. The conferences are taking place in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia four times every year, consisting of Exhibition, Lectures, Indie prize and Developer showcase.

Last Casual Connect was held in Singapore on 17-19 May, and we had such a great time being among 1000+ industry professionals who came to share insights, inspirations and achievements in an exploding mixture of work and play! As for themes, no stone was left unturned: game design, social gaming, funding, next-generation technology and best practices.  As always, the organization was impeccable: Well done guys!!!

At this year’s event in Asia, our heroes were everywhere: on the Casual Connect brochure, visitors’ badges, display booths and even falling down from the ceiling!  Although we’re accustomed to the celebrity status, this was an entirely different league of VIP! After initial identity crises, for it became unclear where our professional selves end and our heroic ones awake, we decided to pay it forward!


The only fun worth having is the one shared with the friends. And wherever good friends meet, there is no excuse not to have a competition or two: So we helped all the participants get both their professional and heroic selves dirty by organizing a Casual Volleyball Tournament! Fun is our business, and the Singapore event became a big heroic sandy playground for a day!

A cherry on the cake was that we were also invited to present our game to the Casual Connect audience through their official Twitch Channel! And everybody knows nothing really happened until it is streamed on Twitch!

COFA team takes fun seriously.

Heroes leave nothing to chance!


AOH in Top 5 Upcoming Indie Games in 2015

We are happy to inform you about our recent success – Awakening of Heroes is named 4th best upcoming indie game by IndieDB. The decision was based on the gamers’ votes and this year the number of voters was bigger than ever before – over 120 000!

The voting process was separated into two parts. In the first part 100 out of 10 000 games were picked. The best among these 100 were carefully chosen – collecting of votes in the second part lasted for a week. Here is the link to the final list of the most successful games

We’d like to thank all the gamers who gave their votes to our game, as well as the YouTubers who did great job promoting this event. We are also very grateful to sponsors (Iceberg, Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, Eurogamer…) who prepared a lot of amazing prizes and made this whole competition possible.

Little bit more about Indie DB 🙂
Indie DB is a website launched in 2010 by Mod DB and focuses on everything about indie games – from news and events to the latest innovations. At the moment Indie DB contains the largest database of indie games Browsed by YouTubers, streamers, journalists and gamers all seeking fresh content. Indie DB gives creators a voice and helps them find success as they explore new frontiers on their game creation journey.


Top 10 Outplays on Reboot Infogamer

As you may already know, our great AOH tournament was a part of this year’s Infogamer Reboot festival (see more about it here). This event will be remembered not only for fun and new friendships it resulted in, but also for exciting gameplays that forced players to show their intelligence, speed and ability to cooperate with their teammates.

You are now able to experience a bit of this excitement yourself by watching our new video. It was more than challenging for us to choose top 10 outplays since there were plenty of amazing ones. Feel free to share your thoughts on the moves we have chosen.

Even though it was the first time for most of the players to use, our brand new character, Jack Mess, that didn’t stop them from making great outplays. Besides Jack’s usual abilities, they also discovered his special power – ducks. Namely, this incredible character can destroy his enemies by throwing his powerful duck-bombs at them.

The participants found some quite intelligent and innovative ways to use teleportation and invisibility powers. The players kept on moving their heroes from one place to another. They were extremely fast and very efficient in confusing and ultimately beating the enemy.

As you will see in this video, in numerous cases perfect timing, focus and teamwork played a key role in winning battles. By combining deadly weapons and exciting powers, the gamers achieved amazing results.

Enjoy the video and awake the hero within!


AOH at Reboot Infogamer 2015

Last week the most popular gamers’ conference in the region, Infogamer by Reboot, was held and, just like last year, we had the honor to be a part of it. Famous developers like Ubisoft, Blizzard, Bethesda Game Studios, Konami as well as some of the well-known companies from the Balkans like Nordeus, Eipix, MadHead, Nanobit , Croteam were presenting their latest projects and achievements to 50,000 visitors. It took place from November 11th to 15th, which was enough time for the visitors to meet people with similar interested, compete and win some exciting prizes. Our stand was very popular, which made a significant impact on the number of suggestions, comments and critics that we received. In addition, this time it was bigger than ever: 200m²! Besides 20 PCs, we also had 10 tablet devices – for the first time at the Reboot!

Also, certain gamers who got introduced to our game last year decided to visit our stand again. They were delighted to see all the improvements we had made. “In the face”, the team who won the last year’s AOH competition, was among them as well which has made everything even more special. This event allowed us to meet not only the players, but also the other developers with whom we could exchange an invaluable experience. We were spending the evenings together chatting, having fun and enjoying the parties.

Every day of the festival was enriched by many eSport tournaments in LoL, DOTA, HOTS, PES, so we did something similar by ourselves. Besides the smaller, daily AOH competitions which had already become a tradition, a new, greater tournament was organized on the last day of the festival. Namely, there were twelve teams and each one of them was consisted of players randomly put together. We also used this interesting manner of creating the teams as an opportunity to make a little experiment – are people comfortable with playing in a team made up of players they have never met before and how does this affect their game?

We owe special thanks to the organizers of Infogamer Reboot who invited us to participate and allowed us to present our game in the best possible way and to Twitch streamer Supreme Nexus who helped us reach many new fans.

More photos from Reboot Infogamer you can find on our Facebook page.


Awakening of Heroes presented at CS GO World Championship and Balkan Tube Fest

This October was crucial for The Awakening – over a thousand passionate gamers and casual players had a chance to experience the improved version of our game. What made everything extremely exciting were 5 vs. 5 battles on tablet devices, as well as the special prizes for the fastest of the participants.

CS GO World Championship, October 08 – 11th

Target market: Passionate gamers, mostly FPS players, age: 18 – 30

Belgrade was hosting the CS GO World Championship with $ 100 000 in price pool and 79 representations from all over the world. During their breaks from competing, the players were taking their time to relax and join the rest of visitors in taking photos inside the Portal, listening to The Awakening tale and, most importantly, playing AOH and giving their feedback using our special questionnaires. The comments were exceptionally good, leaving us not only satisfied with the work we’ve done so far, but also inspired to continue with improving the game and ultimately perfect it.

Balkan Tube Fest, October 24th
Target market: Beginners and young gamers, age: 8-15

The most popular regional vloggers and gamers gathered at the first Serbian YouTube festival, Balkan Tube Fest. Yasserstain, Supreme Nexus, Srpski Tutoriali, Kovalska and many other famous YouTubers shared a bit of their gaming experience, promoted their channels and spent time with some great fans of theirs that were there to greet them. The event was well attended and therefore we were given a great opportunity to represent our game to the youngsters and, perhaps, some future professional gamers.

Both of the events were a great success – they helped us not only to spread the word about the game, but also to get some important first-hand information on how the players feel about it. We are very much looking forward to taking part in similar festivals and exchanging our impressions, ideas and experience once again.

playfield img

Gamescom 2015 Here We Come!

Thanks to our fans who gave us a great support once again, Awakening of Heroes won in Gamescom Contest, organized by Playfield. As the most voted game in both categories (the most followers and the most upvotes), AoH has got the amazing opportunity to be presented at the biggest European gaming event. The second best game in the ‘votes category’, Black Hole, also got a chance to appear on Gamescom.


After 7 days of voting, AoH won with quite of margin, proving once again the high commitment of its fans. (Just to remind you, we have also been greenlit on Steam in a record time.) We are very lucky to have such devoted fans. Now, we have a great chance to increase the fan base, by introducing our heroes at the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, which gathers more than 330,000 gamers every year.


Awakening of Heroes on Tablets Presented at Nexus Festival

COFA Games participated in the fist ever gaming festival organized in Bosnia and Hercegovina. We used the well-attended event to exclusively promote Awakening of Heroes on tablet devices. The response that we received was more than promising, which is very encouraging for our team when it comes to the ambitious decision to develop the cross-platform game. As you know, our game is also available on Steam and Facebook.

In the video below, you can watch the finalist of League of Legend tournament playing Awakening of Heroes. Thanks to CG Acclamator for this stream.

We provided iPads for all visitors of Nexus Festival who were interested in playing Awakening of Heroes on tablets. It was very instructive seeing their reactions and following the way they played MOBA game on the unusual platform for this genre. That helped us to come out with some new ideas regarding improvements of game features and user interface.

The Nexus Festival was organized by Association of citizens, Magic Factory, under the patronage of the Federal ministry of development and entrepreneurship. It included a competitive program in which gamers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, region and wider took part, but also an exhibition part consisting of IT, web design, software and other relevant companies.